Private medical clinic "Ignatsia" offers to its patients professional consultations of allergist, physician, neurologist (PhD) and psychiatrist (PhD) in Ulyanovsk (Russia). Spirometry and respiratory allergy skin tests are also available, as well as pharmacy.

Our doctors:

Allergist, physician Semen Zheleznov (English-speaking at intermediate level).

Neurologist Denis Grischuke.

Psychiatrist Dmitrii Semenihin.

Our clinic is situated on the right bank of Volga: Kirova str. 6/1, the entrance is at the back side of the building.

Call +7 (8422) 73-29-26.

If you do not have a Russian-speaking guide, Semen Zheleznov will try to help you with any question when he is available for speaking on the phone. We will get your number on our phone when you call, and Semen Zheleznov will try to recall as soon as possible.

Our working hours are 09:00-21:00 every day.

We will be glad to meet and help you!